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Friday, March 04, 2011

ICT in a Disaster (or is it ICT *is* a Disaster?)

I have helped Red Cross, both IFRC and national societies, in a number if places around the world with ICT soon after a disaster, I never imagined that I would be doing so here in my own home town ...

As indicated in my previous blog post I have written an article on ICT in a Disaster as it relates to the disaster that unfolded around me in Christchurch over the past week and a bit.

The article is included in NZCS NewLine specifically the 16th Edition and the article is here

It was written in non-existent spare time while I was probably a bit tired, so I have been surprise that the feedback has indicated that it is quite good. Feel free to comment.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Quake - Ongoing

As the shakes keep coming, smaller and less frequent maybe, the response keeps going apace.

Teams and Incident Management staff are rotating from time to time to prevent fatigue, and some of the RT teams from out of town may be stood down for a spell. Now all 18 Response Teams have been involved in the response as well as the 3 NZ USAR Task Forces and the many international USAR Teams  As well as the RT Teams a large number of Land SAR Volunteers from around the country have also been assisting the response effort.

AREC, Amateur Radio Emergency Communications, members from the Amateur Radio (Ham) community are assisting the effort providing communications equipment, advice and assistance through operators at a number of sites in relation to the response.AREC has had a long history supporting emergencies and disasters in New Zealand with its formation going back to just after the Napier Quake. AREC

It has been, and continues to be, a very busy time for all involved. The response from the public and various groups to assist and help the Civil Defence response has been pretty amazing.

The number of command points around the city is pretty amazing, with a lot of NZ Fire Service Command vehicles and others from around the country in place for the various agencies and functions.

I was going to blog more about ICT and the disaster, however instead I am working on a piece for the NZCS Newsline, so stay tuned and I will post a link to it when it is finished.