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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shake Up - Part 2

Shake Up - Part 2

As per part 1, I believe that we were very very lucky, in fact I believe that we 'dodged a bullet' and this can be attributed to a number of factors including size, time, location.

Based on some definitions it could be said that this was not a disaster, "an exceptional event which suddenly kills or injures large numbers of people", but that is not to down play the damage and suffering that has occurred.

In saying that however I was pleasantly surprised as to how well many parts of the system and infrastructure held up and responded.

Thankfully the Civil Defence Response Teams did not have to deploy in a way that would test their training, which is primarily to rescue people after such a disaster in a mass casualty situation. However the USAR (Urban Search And Rescue) Task Force(s) and the Response Teams still activated and did a great job of helping the public through a very difficult time.

We spent most of our time taking down chimneys that were dangerous, giving some peace of mind with the ever continuing aftershocks.

It was really great to see all three of the USAR Task Forces deployed for the event, and for the local Response Teams to be working with them, even if it was in a different role than expected. It was also great to see other Response Teams from around the country called in to help, as the local teams really needed some relief.

So to all the USAR and RT teams, great job well done, and hopefully we will get more opportunities to work together in training/exercise situations rather than another real one any time soon.

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