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Friday, September 24, 2010


Recently I attended the NZCS 50th anniversary Conference and had a really great time.

It was pretty humbling to be amongst some great members of the NZ ICT community, and also to think that I have been involved with NZCS for more than half of the past 50 years.

It was fantastic to see quite a wide cross section of the ICT community come together at this event and intereact in such a great way. While there have been comments about age, gender etc in the industry the mix at the conference was pretty good.

Some of the highlights for me were the keynote presentations from the likes of Sam Morgan, Ian Taylor, Craig Nevill-Manning and Nat Torkington.

The networking with everyone, the Bar Camp/Unconference on the Saturday, and especially the Conference Dinner on the Friday night were also all a major buzz.

Another highlight of the conference was the launch of the new book: "Return to Tomorrow: 50 years of computing in New Zealand" incorporating the original "Looking back to Tomorrow" from 25 years ago as well as new material. Get yours now, they are selling fast and you don't want to miss out. Order here

Looking forward to the next conference, not sure how, but am sure it will be even better.

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