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Friday, August 14, 2009

Life and Death and other musings

In the past two and a bit years I have been to too many 'celebrations of life' of those that have been taken sooner than they should.

Yesterday I attended a service for a 10 week old, which was the most amazing service I have been to. It was a time to reflect and a number of things came from it that moved me, and got me thinking.

The question was raised, "where is the logic" or in other words "why did they have to be taken", as is often done, and I guess that in most cases, regardless of your belief, death is a moving on to a better place, free of pain and suffering. It does then beg more questions about pain and suffering, but for those that believe there is a mysterious plan that is not known to us.

Also at the service yesterday a poem was quoted that needs to be shared: its key message is

"So, when all that's left of me is love, give me away as best you can."

See the whole poem here

To all those that have lost, and those that grieve, you will hold on to the memories, and the love remains, be strong and think of what they would want you to do, the pain does ease with time, but life goes on.

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