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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Haiti - Week 5

In the last week we saw the departur of our counterparts from Austria, and we started the final packing up and finalising of paperwork etc, however there was also one last day trip to a sight to be done, with a trip to Jacmel, this time the roads were pretty good in comparison, apart from the remnants of a few landslides.

And again some views of the dramatic contrasts seen around the country

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Haiti - Week 4

As a part of the work we travelled around Haiti a bit, however due to road conditions things took longer than normal.

Some of the roads as per the last posting have become boggy because of the rains/flooding, but others are rough and rocky.

A major "highway"

A view from Jeremie

Monday, November 03, 2008

Some other insights from Haiti

Our Austrian Red Cross ERU colleagues here in Haiti have a blog that offers some other information and insights into what is happening here. Unfortunately it is in German, so you need to translate it. Google can do a reasonable translation, so have a look at it here (You may need to click on the Home button to get the latest update)

Start by looking at the latest entry from the "Last Contributions" section on the right and then follow the previous article link at the lower left of the page (after the "Submit Comment" button).

Haiti Week 3

Am a bit behind, have been busy :) so a bit of a catch-up.

Week 3 was a field trip where myself and Robert the team leader along with a local driver and a counterpart from Haitian Red Cross went to visit a number of offices in the Central Plateau and northern areas.

The roads here are quite a challenge, even those that have not been directly impacted by the hurricane.

On one part of the trip we had an extra bit of a challenge when we got stuck in some mud. With a lot of help from some locals we eventually got out slightly delayed.

There is certainly some very interesting country side once you get away from the city.