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Sunday, September 21, 2008


SPOT - The worlds first satellite messenger

Spot is a small device about the same size as a large GPS or Cell phone.

It combines a GPS and a Satellite transmitter to allow your position and key status to be sent from anywhere.

It has "I'm Ok", "Help", "Emergency" status modes and a tracking mode.

It potentially replaces an Emergency Beacon by providing similar function to a beacon as well as the "OK" Status and the "Help" status which could prevent a lot of "false alarm" type beacon activations.

It sends messages to your selected contacts by SMS and/or Email and provides your position on a Google Maps display. See where my SPOT has been; click here

It is potentially useful for all sorts of functions, and I am trialing it for potential use for Search and Rescue, tramping, remote sporting events, and also for use while overseas.

The unit itself is relatively low cost, but has an annual subscription dependant on selected services.

Contact me if you are interested in further information.

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