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Thursday, September 25, 2008


With it looking more certain that I will be deployed with the NZ Red Cross IT&T ERU to Haiti in the near future I have been looking at various technology options for the trip.

I normally use a Telecom Harrier as my Cell/PDA, while I have had it for a while now and should upgrade it, but I am awaiting some of the changes to the Telecom network to see what I will upgrade it to. At present I still find that Telecom coverage and mobile data is better than that of Vodafone, so will probably continue to stay with Telecom as my local choice.

Certainly GSM is the best choice for travelling. So even with the Telecom "Worldmode" phones it would appear that Vodafone is currently the best option for pricing. I would welcome comments from anyone that has experience with Telecom Roaming with the Worldmode phones.

So I have purchased a Nokia N95, which includes a 3G capable GSM phone, along with a 5Mp camera and GPS. And while I went with the original N95 rather than the N95 8G, with the microSD slot I can currently have the 8G storage of the N95 85 at a lower price. Taking the N95 means that I can leave behind the camera, the MP3 player and the GPS, plus it is smaller than the Harrier. It is not the Windows Mobile that I have grown used to, but it does include most of the features one way or another.

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