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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jetboat Marathon - Day 4

Another pretty early start and another good day on the rivers, the weather has also been pretty good to us.

Today was a good days racing as planned from near Glenavy to the Kurow bridge and back again on the Waitaki River. Another day with only minor incidents, so not too busy for the safety patrol boats.

For safety communications a mix of options, equipment and operators are used. The main safety communications and timing is done by a team from Christchurch AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Communications). We make use of a mixture of Amateur Radio repeaters, both fixed and in some cases portable, and on the more difficult rivers we use HF. HF mobile in a jetboat is a bit of a challenge, but works well on the long rivers with gorges, and also as a backup on the rivers that we have coverage by VHF repeater.

There is other communications for the race organisers using a mix of Marine radio and commercial channels, but these do not always cover all of the river.

Day 5 is a lay day, so there will be nothing to report, and Friday should be a long race on the Waimak river, although the recent N/W'er has caused the local rivers to rise, so an assessment will be done closer to race time.

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