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Monday, September 22, 2008

Jetboat Marathon - Day 2

Today was pretty uneventful, the river was higher than normal, dirty and hard to read with plenty of pressure waves, but there were not too many 'casualties' from today's racing (note that I am not driving, just a passenger).

In the safety patrol boats we have a driver and navigator as normal, plus a radio operator and a paramedic. We are spread through the race field and keep tabs on race boats to try and find when they may have had an incident.

Today the race started at Spotswood, but my patrol boat launched near Waiau township. We went upstream for a while and awaited the race boats and then headed off with them after the first 5 competitors. We then followed with them to the end of that leg of the race just after the Ferry Bridge near Hanmer. After a while for the racers to make any necessary repairs, adjustments, refuel and have some lunch we were ready for the return leg. We headed off ahead of the race start and positioned ourselves near Leslie Hills bridge, and again waited for the lead competitors before heading off with them.

There were no injury related incidents, so the paramedics had a quiet day, and I kept my feet dry, so it was a pretty good day all around. The weather has so far been pretty good to us.

See some of the spots I was on the Waiau today thanks to SPOT click here

Tomorrow is on the Rakaia, and the weather is predicting high winds and rain feeding the rivers, so could be an interesting day.

We will be overnighting in Oamaru for an early start on the Waitaki on Wednesday, and then back for a lay day on Thursday.

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