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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Taranaki 'to erupt within 50 years'

Research suggests Mt Egmont-Taranaki is likely to erupt in the next 50 years, with potential to cause substantial disruption to much of the North Island, cutting power supplies, damaging transmission lines, water supplies and stormwater.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Small Quake Shakes Arthur's Pass

A 3.7 quake struck Arthur's Pass this morning. (The alpine fault letting off a little)

Evaluating volcanic risk for the future

Volcanologists, earth scientists and natural hazard planners from throughout New Zealand are meeting today in Palmerston North to share research results and develop a research plan for the next two years.

Virologist says Indonesia hindering scientists studying bird flu

A Christchurch virologist says Indonesia's refusal to let scientists access information about the country's bird flu cases, is preventing scientists from studying different components of the virus.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Survivor Cook Islands

Survivor Cook Islands makes use of Sea Scout Cutters.

More Scouting News - Scouting NZ

Storm Forces Thousands Chinese To Flee

Many evacuated from storm in Phillipines and China.

Bird Flu Patient Recovers, Cause A Mystery

A Chinese man has recovered from Bird Flu, but it is still a mystery as to how he became infected, while he and his family bought and ate a chicken from a poultry market, no-one else from his family became infected.

Civil Defence and radio broadcasters agree emergency plan

MCDEM has signed an agreement with the country's major radio broadcasters to supply timely, authoritative messages in an emergency. (I would have thought that this had been a given ...)

NZ Engineers Study Tsunami Damage In Java

A group of New Zealand engineers and scientists has gone to Indonesia to study the impact of the recent tsunami in Java on buildings and other structures.

Also See: Scientist Calls For Tsunami Building Code

Quake jolts Indonesian island of Sumbawa

A 6.1 quake shook the Indonesian island of Sumbawa yesterday.

The main meteorological agency in Jakarta said the quake had an epicentre 33 km below the sea, again prompting the threat os Tsunami.

Related Story

A big earthquake which struck off East Cape yesterday was too deep to trigger a tsunami.

A quake north of East Cape was too deep and below the scale to prompt a Tsunami warning.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New US Emergency Communications Bill Includes Role for Hams:

Amateur Radio operators have been there to provide communications support in disasters for many many years. In some countries their role is supported in legislation and active protection for their operations is given at local government levels.

In the US a bill to enhance emergency communication at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) includes Amateur Radio operators as part of an overall effort to provide interoperability among responders.

Here in New Zealand we do not have the same levels of recognition and protection, and many local government plans seek to close down our operations by imposing unrealistic limitations on our antenna systems.

Web tool to help in emergencies and major events

Auckland City is the first local authority in New Zealand to purchase WebEOC as an Emergency Management tool.

Device could track lost patients

For a while now work has been progressing on improving devices for tracking dementia and other patients using Radio Direction Finding techniques.

New Helicopters Represent Quantum Leap Forward - For SAR

The coming new NH90 Helicoptors for the Air Force will be a great help for Search and Rescue. In particular they will be able to more more easily transport search teams into remote areas with their larger pasenger capacity. However it is still a few years before they will be operational.

With their extended range and speed they should also make more practical deployments for searches in the South Island

Other Links

Night Vision Goggles a boon to Search by Air at night

Quite a number of Rescue helicopter operators now have access to recent Night Vision technology and it is making quite a difference to urgent searches.

It will however further reduce the use of volunteer ground search teams :(

Govt stifling bird-flu mapper, says firm

A localaly developed computer-based application called Chameleon that would enable medical field teams to identify, isolate and contain outbreaks of bird flu almost instantaneously could be extremely useful in a pandemic. However government agencies appear to be uninterested in it.

Missing hunting party of five found

A hunting group, which included three children, were missing in the Ureweras National Park overnight has been found. Although they activated an emergency beacon they were not able to be rescued immediately.

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