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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two houses in Birkenhead under threat after large slip

CD Two houses in Birkenhead under threat after large slip

"Two houses on Auckland's North Shore are under threat after a large slip caused by heavy rain.

Both houses are in Awanui St in Little Shoal Bay.

One is teetering on the edge of the slip and is in danger of falling into the sea.

North Shore City Council civil defence manager David Keay says the tenants from the house were evacuated on Monday evening. The other endangered house is empty, with absentee owners.

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Anonymous said...

Some people appeared on TV suggesting that the slips were caused by pohutukawas growing too big. However council staff indicate that the slips were probably caused by private drains; and an experienced geotech engineer commented privately that the trees probably prevented the land slipping years ago. TV3 news tonight (4 Oct) indicates that if drains are not properly laid, a landowner may not be eligible for EQC commission insurance. However in an area like Birkenhead there may be drains laid years ago - often old cracked earthenware drains - without any record of who laid them and when. Some of them may come from neighbouring properties. It would be unfair if landowners were penalised for something out of their control or knowledge.