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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Throw out your old beacon

SAR Throw out your old beacon

I have posted about the phasing out of Satellite support for 121.5 Emergency Beacons in the past. In other countries regulations or promotional offers have been put in place to prevent sales of 121.5MHz beacons and to encourage users to trade up from 121.5 to 406MHz beacons. However here in NZ there has only been a small publicity campaign with no real incentives to change to the more expensive beacons.

Other aspects of 406MHz beacons that could possibly have been regulated are, enforcement for Registration to ensure that all users have current and correct details registered, and another option that has been suggested is that only GPS enabled 406MHz beacons should be sold, these have the advantage that, as long as the GPS has a good fix, the exact location is sent immediately rather than relying on a later satellite to determine a less precise location up to 45 minutes later.

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