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Friday, December 02, 2005

MakeZine Blog

Thanks to Slashdot I stumbled on to a great site for those techos that like to make things.

Trojan exploits unpatched IE flaw

Microsoft may release an emergency patch, but in the mean time you should be very very careful of web pages that you visit if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

What if the volunteers strike on Monday?

Some would say that Volunteers are the backbone of our society, but many organisations are strugglinb to find enough willing volunteers to function effectively. The demands of modern society to work and family has drastically reduced the amount of time given to volunteer organisations over the years. Those that do give their time are generally not the ones to seek any form of recognition, but at least from time to time the general public does get to see a snippet of what Volunteerism is about.

COmVOiceS is calling on all New Zealanders to show their support for volunteers at International Volunteer Day events in their region. To find out more, contact your local Volunteer Centre or Volunteering New Zealand, or visit

Support International Day of the Volunteer.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Website could save lives

One of the best ways to assist Search and Rescue is to leave clear intentions information, with a contact at home, on Intentions Cards at DOC offices, and in hut books as you go along your trip. This web based initiative can assist with documenting those intentions and providing an initial "overdue" notification system.


Australia begins birdflu exercise, more outbreaks in China

New Zealand observers will watch an Australian three-day simulated birdflu outbreak to test its emergency response plans.

High country man lost while exploring the land he loved

After a large search and now more than seven months after he disappeared, Arthur Lawrence Borrell, 75, was declared dead as the result of an accident.

An unfortunate result, but there are many instances where there is no finding of mising people or aircraft.

Qantas breaks cellphone rules

I thought that it was the airlines, but it seems that it is the CAA that has a ridiculous rule that does not allow the use of PDA's that are integrated with Cellphones, on flights, even when the Cellphone portion is turned off, what is often known as "Flight Mode".

It seems that Qantas was not aware of the silly interpretation by CAA which banned "Flight Mode".

CAA says it is up to the airlines to prove that it is safe, however as they already allow electronic devices after take-off and before landing, how can a PDA with the Cellphone portion turned off be any less safe than a PDA without a Cellphone.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More on the Beacon Upgrade and some Beacon History

All Emergency Beacon Users (ELT, EPIRB and PLB) are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 406MHz Beacons as soon as possible before the Feb 2009 Deadline for 121.5MHz Satellite detection and processing being turned off.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Pandemic not as deadly as made out

"Canterbury University's Dr Geoffrey Rice says the 1918 Spanish flu killed 8,500 New Zealanders and is regarded as the country's worst natural disaster to date. But he says only one percent of the population was killed in that pandemic, and this time we have got a lot more going in our favour."

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Anatomy of a "failed" search?

Some details of how the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCCNZ) works, and some comments in relation to the Erceg search.

"It was the biggest, most expensive aviation search in New Zealand history, but Michael Erceg's family felt it was not enough."

Hunt leads to hi-tech gear move

The Erceg search has lead to one helicopter company investing in technology to keep track of their helicopters using Telecoms cellular data network. This system like AVL will allow the base to know the current location of its aircraft (to within the last 2 minutes).

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