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Friday, November 25, 2005

Tamiflu supplies prioritised for flu season, govt

Maybe I need a catergory/icon for Bird Flu .. Any suggestions for an icon?

Tamiflu may not be effective IF there is a mutated variant of Bird Flu that will pass from human to human, but still there is a lot of demand for this drug, and hence some hysteria as well.

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WHO to send mission to Chinese bird flu province

With a small number of human deaths from Bird Flu, and a large number of out-breaks in poultry, and a plan to try and immunise huge numbers of birds China is in the spotlight, with some commentaries indicating that the immunisation if not done properly could spark the feared mutation that may spread from human to human.

"H5N1 has killed nearly 70 people in Asia since late 2003 – mainly in Vietnam and Thailand. But the real fear is that it will mutate and acquire the ability to pass from human to human, causing a global pandemic."

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Emergency response systems tested in Wellington exercise

Civil Defence volunteer teams, emergency services and local government staff train and exercise on a regular basis, and from time to time they hold a large exercise that attacts a bit of attention.

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Bodies removed from plane crash

While the bodies have been recovered it is still unclear why the plane crashed or why the emergency locator beacon didn't activate.

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New Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan

"The new plan, implemented on 1 July 2006, states, and provides for, the hazards and risks to be managed at the national level and the civil defence emergency management arrangements necessary to meet these hazards and risks. The plan also provides support to the management of local emergencies."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bird flu expert says virus entering critical phase

Could the bird immunisation that China is undertaking make things worse?

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Preparing to close off the regional borders

Part of the planning for the possible pandemic is closing of borders at various levels. What impact will this have on your community? Are you prepared IF it does happen?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wreckage found in search for aircraft

A quick find this time, but there are questions about why it took so long for someone to raise the alarm that the plain was missing.

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Search for missing plane with two on board

Another search for a missing aircraft where the emergency beacon has not been detected by the satellite system. It will be interesting to see how long this search is continued for before a find or suspension.

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Tamiflu, masks 'futile' for bird flu

Is this a voice of reason, or is the psychology of having masks and pills to make you feel better about the "impending disaster" better than nothing at all?

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Erceg's brother calls for review

"The Rescue Co-ordination Centre apparently has a certain philosophy that says if we don't find you in three days, you're dead so there's no point looking for you...I think that needs to be looked at very closely and needs to be questioned,"

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No decisions on flu medicine

Health officials are stressing no policy decisions have been made on how to distribute the government's Tamiflu stockpiles in the event of a bird flu pandemic. Yet -

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Many Emergency Services personal and Civil Defence and Emergency Management volunteers seem to be missing from the first version of the list ...


Exploit for Unpatched IE Flaw Released

Another security vulnerability in Microsoft IE has been found and an exploit published. Although at this time there is no fix for this specific exploit it is another reminder to keep your systems patched and all security software updates applied. It is also another good reason to have a look at alternatives to IE, such as FireFox which is about to launch v1.5.

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Rescued tramper praised for record keeping

While it seems to many of us good common sense, many do not fill out Intentions forms, or leave clear intentions with relatives or friends, or fill out their intentions, and any deviations from their original plans, in hut books. These simple tasks would make things a lot easier for searchers.

Also carrying a little extra weight in the form of a hired Mountain Radio or an Emergency Beacon can also be life savers.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pandemic could shutter parliament, Nats say

The opposition party is making political noises about the Governments plans for a possible Pandemic and its impact on the Government/Parliament's ability to govern, and the economy.

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Old beacon prompts emergency callout

With the phase out of satellite support for the older 121.5MHz only Emergency Location Beacons; there is a big push for current users to upgrade to the better 406MHz beacons. However as per this article users need to dispose of their old beacons carefully.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Indonesian man's death linked to bird flu

Another death in Asia that appears to be linked to the H5N1 strain of Bird Flu is being checked by WHO.

Time for searching questions

The search for Michael Erceg has raised a number of comments and requests for review of RCCNZ operation. This is not the first time, and is unlikely to be the last. A big review and reorganisation of the RCC happened relatively recently after a number of Marine rescues that did not go well (remember Timeout). One also has to ask "why this time" when a very similar search for a helicopter lost in dense bush in Fiordland was called off after a few days, and has not been found yet...

Certainly in this case the family and associates of Michael Erceg had the resources to bring about a search well beyond the normal budgets of RCCNZ and the Police, however as has been stated there is always opportunities to review and update.

Heat-sensing equipment found lost chopper

Use of high tech equipment has been a feature of the private search for Michael Erceg, and was also key to the final find of the crashed helicopter.

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Reserve Bank has plans to close down if bird flu hits

The Reserve Bank has been making plans for the advent of a Bird Flu pandemic, including increasing cash reserves in its vaults. Again some would probably say it is over the top reactionism but they are working on advice of "not a case of 'if' but 'when'" ...

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Missing men found dead in crashed helicopter

The search for Michael Erceg and his passenger is finally over.
Highlights from this article :-
    • Revised flight plan led to wreckage
    • Area had been searched
    • Erceg family hopes lessons will be learned from search
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