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Thursday, October 27, 2005

IAEM Announces Recommendations for Improved Emergency Response

The International Association of Emergency Managers has released a press release with recommendations for improved emergency response (in the USA).

Telecom introduces the Apache Pocket PC Phone

When I bought the Telecom Harrier PDA Phone I was wondering about holding off for the next generation, but it was unclear how long it would be before release and I needed an upgrade. Now I need to look at upgrade options.

It looks like I will wait a bit longer yet. The Apache still only has a 320x240 display, and it does not look like the digital camera has been integrated into the phone functionality still.

OpenOffice milestones

OpenOffice has been around for 5 years and recently Version 2.0 was released. The popular Open Source Office Suite is gaining momentum.

As well as supporting Open Document standards OpenOffice also supports Microsoft file formats, and can create PDF files.

Excellent value.

Flu Panic?

A number of countries with infections (in birds rather than humans) is fueling panic around Europe, and countries are stockpiling vaccines, but the poor countries are calling out for assistance to obtain the drug, while legal wrangles over patents of the drug start to rage around the world.

But still the message is do not overreact or panic.

Other stories:

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The convergence of Media and PCs

This is an interesting article about the latest edition of Windows Media Center, and about building a Media Center PC. Something I have been interested in for a while, but not gotten very far with yet, and maybe I am right to wait a bit longer :)

Hide and seek for top USAR search dogs

USAR Search dogs and trainers/handlers held an evaluation session over Labour Weekend.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Auckland hunters spark rescue missions

Two separate Search and Rescue incidents in the central North Island involving Auckland hunters result in successful missions.

Research says Mt Taranaki may be overdue to Blow

Could Mt Taranaki be over due for a major eruption? If it did the consequences would be major.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cisco targets emergency staff with IP radio

Digital Radio is the way of the future, and many have been looking toward APCO/P-25 as the standard for emergency services on the RF side. "IP Radio" as per the article is more about linking radio to other service by IP, which could be useful in some situations.

However Cellular based Push to Talk technology, which is basically Voice over IP, has inherent latency which is not good in real time emergency situations, so will Cisco's solution be able to get around this? Interconnecting RF radio systems via the Internet is not new, Amateur Radio has been doing it for some time now...