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Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Beacons

As per previous posts, there is a campaign to encourage all distress beacon users to upgrade to the 406MHz system.

I recently purchased a portable 406MHz beacon with GPS for demonstration to Land SAR groups, Scout Groups and the like, and to use for Scouting and personal trips.

The newer 406MHz beacons are now down to a similar size and weight as the smaller 121.5MHz beacons, but unfortunately they have not yet come down to the same price, this is in part due to the higher specifications required for the 406MHz system, but also due to the small demand so far. Prices are likely to come down as demand grows, and this is seen with a special promotion on the Kannad 406XS-2 with GPS from Safety at Sea, down from more than $2200 to $1595.

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